This is one of the depictions of what a Wendigo might look like. Personally I think that a wendigo would look like they do in the video game Until Dawn and in Supernatural.

How They're CreatedEdit


The transformation starts with your teeth

"Wendigo is a word derived from the Algonquin, or Cree Indian language. It means 'Evil that Devours. Each wendigo was once a man that was most likely stuck in a area with nothing to eat except your companions. There are many stories about Wendigo. Most of which are taken from Algonquin and Cree Indian culture. Wendigos come from cannibalism. When one man feasts upon the flesh of another he goes through a horrible and painful transformation. His teeth grow longer and sharper, his skin starts to tighten around the bones giving him a starved, hungry look, his eyes go milky white (he goes blind), and finally he sprouts antlers from his head. The transformation continues throughout a wendigo's life making it more and more grotesque. According to some legends the wendigo has the legs and head of a dear, but in others it looks like a hairless starving human with razor sharp teeth and claws. Either way they are described as terrible horrifying creatures who feel no guilt or remorse. They live to feed upon the flesh of humans. And when they can't find humans to feed on they hunt deer and other large mammals." ~Ross on The Wendigo


"Nature is as well adapted to our weakness as to our strength." ~Henry David Thoreau

Defenses You Can UseEdit

Mystical protections such as amulets, protective spells, and charms hold power over the beast.

Earplugs. Because the Wendigo's shrieking could cause deafness.

Firearms loaded with silver bullets or a blade made of silver.

After Incapacitating The BeastEdit

Incapacitating a Wendigo will be no easy task my friends. But if you manage this feat you must stab a silver stake through the beast's icy heart. This will shatter it. You must then lock the shards of the heart in a silver box and bury it in holy ground. The Wendigo's body must then be dismembered with a silver plated axe. Once this step is completed you must individually salt and burn each piece of the monster's body and scatter them into the four winds. Or throw each piece of the monster's body into a inaccessible location such as the bottom of the sea, the bottom of a lake, a chasm, or a well.


What Happens if You Fail to Scatter the Remains?Edit

Well this will lead to the Wendigo's resurrection, followed by it's bloody revenge. The creature will hunt down it's killer, relishing and anticipating the taste of their blood in every single moment. Once it find's the killer rest assured the death that follows will be slow and painful. The Wendigo will very much enjoy the agonized screams of it's killer until it finishes the job and eats the remains.

Enhanced Senses?Edit

Yes. The Wendigo has an enhance sense of smell and hearing. But it's sight is very poor and it can only see things that move.

Wendigo have such incredible hearing that they can hear a twig snap from 100 yards away! Their sense of smell is so strong that it can smell a drop of blood from a mile away!

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The mountains and forest areas where there's lots of wildlife to hunt. Especially near camping sites and hiking trails.

Just promise me one thing guys. Don't go looking for one... Okay? You won't like what'll happen if you do... ~Ross