The Bunyip a creature of Australian legends. Primarily told to frighten children into staying inside at night

The BunyipEdit

A mysterious creature of Australian origins. Nobody really knows what the Bunyip actually looks like. There have been many sightings reported over the years. Every witness has reported a different description of the creature. Many people believe the Bunyip looks different to each person so it takes the shape of the monster that would terrify them most. I think their only redeeming qualities are that what we assume is their true form is a cute bear monster, and that they originate from my home country. Australia! X3 ~ Ross the Admin on The Bunyip


As previously mentioned the Bunyip comes from Australian Aboriginal Mythology. The origin of the word Bunyip has been traced to the Wemba-Wemba or Wergaia language. The word means "Devil" or "Evil Spirit". In many cases the Bunyip is used to frighten children into staying indoors during the night.


The safest way to kill a Bunyip is from a distance. Most likely using guns or bow and arrow an other projectile weapons. You could also sneak up on the creature and slit it's throat.

The surest way to kill a Bunyip is to throw a kitten at it. Because for some reason kittens are its greatest weakness.


The Bunyip is extremely dangerous due to it's impeccable swimming abilities and its unnatural strength.

The Bunyip is incredibly smart.


The Bunyip is most likely to be found in the swamps, billabongs, creeks, riverbeds, and waterholes of Aboriginal Australia.

Admin's NoteEdit

Hey guys! It's me Ross!~ How's it going? The Bunyip is probably the most terrifying creature I've ever learned about because when I was a child I lived in Aboriginal Australia. And I lived quite close to a river (forgot what it was called :( ). My parents used to tell me this story to scare me. I'd love to see some of you write your own little story about what you think would happen if you ran into a Bunyip! I'll choose one and post it in the stories section of this Wiki