Welcome to Wendigos and Other Beasts WikiaEdit

Believers can come here to discover the tell tale signs that you're in the hunting grounds of a wendigo or another gruesome beast and how to survive. (My sister turned into a wendigo... RIP Hannah + Beth Washington)

But Hey! Don't let the terrifying news that wendigos and these other terrifying beasts actually exist get you down! You can learn how to survive in the presence of these monsters right here!

I am not responsible for any harm that comes to my readers if they run into these things... I'm especially not responsible for decapitations... Uhm bye!~ <3

Basic TipEdit

Well here's a basic thing on The Wendigo, if you don't move it can't see you. You'd have to be quiet as well. Wendigo can't see for shit so You're good if you don't move. But it can and will follow the sound of your voice. It hunts using it's senses of smell hearing and a little bit of sight. It can only see moving objects...

Latest activityEdit

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Just go to the Monsters section of the navigation bar to start our journey!~

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